Our Services To Enhance Your Church

Our Services

We have established a consulting firm that has experienced professionals in grant development, cultivating contributions from corporations, local businesses and individual donors, special events, media promotions, nonprofit management and church ministry outreach. Our consulting team has cover 30 years of combined background providing technical assistance on local, state and national levels. Services are customized to the financial capability and priority needs of management and the organization/church after an extensive assessment process. We provide consulting expertise on site, via telephone consultations, email communications, etc.

Management/Ministry Support Services

  • Consultants will meet management executives, board members and ministry leaders to develop strategic plan based upon budgetary resources and mission of the organization or church ministry.
  • Attend conferences, meetings and complete project tasks based upon required timelines.
  • Prepare management reports, correspondence and presentations.
  • Conduct meetings and training programs for staff, board and ministry leaders.
  • Advise and evaluate organization/church based upon recommended non-profit practices for cost-effective operations.

Fund Development and Grant Writing Services

  • Research funding sources and develop a strategic fund development plan to achieve fundraising goals and objectives of organization or church ministry.
  • Cultivate contributions from corporations, businesses and other major donors.
  • Prepare and submit grant proposals and sponsorship recruitment marketing materials.
  • Train staff, board and ministry leaders regarding grant development, financial planning, accountability requirements of organizations and churches.
  • Recommend fund development resource materials/software to purchase for organization/church ministry future use.

Special Event Planning and Media Promotions

  • Plan and organize special events for organizations and church ministries.
  • Prepare event timelines and budgets.
  • Recruit event sponsors.
  • Advise client regarding invitee list and involvement of public officials and other VIPs.
  • Responsible for preparation of press releases, radio and television announcements, advertisements, fliers, etc to promote event.
  • Organize press conferences and prepare media packets.
  • Coordinate with photographer/video technician documentation of event.

Additional Services and Church Event

  • Word Processing
  • Sermon Notes, Sunday School Notes
  • Resumes, Letters, Reports, Envelopes
  • Essays, School Reports, Presentations
  • Data Input using Databases and Spreadsheets

Our Fees

We work with clients under the following contractual arrangements:

  • Hourly, fee-based – Clients contract with us for a pre-established number of hours each month, and are billed according to actual time worked.
  • Retainer basis – Clients guarantee our availability to provide services for a specified number of hours, according to a negotiated monthly fee.
  • Project-based – Clients request our one-time assistance with a specific project, such as writing a grant proposal, preparing an annual report or facilitating a board training session.